Go-to Resources

Here are just a few of the many awesome and generous resources available online:

Teacher Blogs

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 Alex Overwijk Secondary: Spiralling | Activity Based Tasks | VNPS
 Craig Barton   Research | Maths Podcast | Awesome Links | Lots of Resources
Dan Meyer Desmos | 3 Act Math | Mathematics Education | Teaching & Learning
David Petro A weekly round-up of all the great things happening in Ontario’s mathematics education
 Don Steward Simply a gem!
 Ed Southall  Neat Geometry Puzzles | Pedagogy | Classroom Resources
 Fawn Nguyen Middle School: Activity Based | Teaching and Learning | Generous collection of lessons
 Jo Morgan A generous collection of resources with snapshot explanations
 Jon Orr Secondary: Spiralling | 3 Act Math | Activity Based | Pedagogy | EdTech
 Marilyn Burns Elementary: masterful learning on building conceptual understanding
 Mark Chubb Elementary: Building Conceptual Understanding | Strategies | Activities —the how & why
 Mary Bourassa  Secondary: Activity Based | Day-by-day Spiralling | Generous collection of lessons
Melissa M. Parker Great read—inspires spontaneous lesson ideas


 NRICH Rich Tasks | Teacher Guidance | Student Explanations
 YouCubed Ideas | Activities | Professional Development
 CS Unplugged Activities to introduce & learn about Computer Science—unplugged
Tap into Teen Minds Kyle Pearce | 3 Act Math Tasks
 Space Math Projects, challenges and activities for the classroom by NASA
 E is for Explore Erin Bittman | Neat & creative activities organized by subject
 Primas Inquiry Based Tasks
 MARS  Mathematics Assessment Resources—needs some time dedication
 Estimation 180  |  Andrew Stadel
 Graphing Stories |  Dan Meyer & BuzzMath
 3 Act Math Tasks |  Dan Meyer
 Increasingly Difficult Questions  |  Dave Taylor
 Visual Patterns  |  Fawn Nguyen
Between 2 Numbers |  Fawn Nguyen
 Which One Doesn’t Belong  |  Mary Bourassa

Note: my snapshot explanations don’t do justice to the authors of these awesome resources—please feel free to contact me to point out an error or share an opinion.