Thank You For …

Reading a simple Thank-You card from my students (thanks to my AT) reminded me why reflection is such an important part of teaching.

Practicum is over and naturally what follows is that you finally start to take in all the new learning you got and zoom in on some of the moments or experiences that you were simply too busy to take note of during that time.

There is a lot to reflect on but what I didn’t expect is that a simple thank-you card will prioritize this list. My plan was to start off by reflecting on some of the lessons I did for future reference but as I was reading the card (over and over again), I realized that what mattered most to my students weren’t the activities we did together or how engaging they were, but the time I dedicated to connecting with them and individually helping them one-on-one. I’m sure  they still enjoyed some of the activities we did together, but when it came to expressing their appreciation, the first thing they remembered was that one-on-one time.


So many times I underestimated the value of practice time in class for catching up on some skills or further consolidating ideas, but looking back on it now, it was during those times that I got to know my students, form a better understanding of their actual thought-process, and gather that real-time assessment.

~Another valuable lesson from my students!~
Thank YOU, MFM2P ❤


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